Topless barmen & bartenders melbourne

A party with a naughty twist – that is exactly what you would describe as a celebration involving eye-catching half-naked servers as your beloved assistants. And who would not be attracted to these charming hunks? They will keep the party full of life from start to finish.

Our Victorian topless waiters will maintain the vibrant mood of your event and will ensure that your guests will always be given top attention. Trust our men to assist you to make your celebration a day to remember. Whether it be an uncomplicated or tough request, our men will answer your every need. 



Our men have the good looks, impressive skills, and unmatched confidence to carry on with the job of being topless waiters.  

These men do not just arrive at your doorstep and get on with the tasks, they are prepared and are always alert. Your wish is their command, so trust them to make the hosting job easy for you. They are your assistants and they will make sure that your party will be a night to remember!


The reasons are obvious why hiring topless waiters in Melbourne are “a must” for the party. Getting them for your party is a fantastic idea not just because they are eye-catching and charming. Serving food and drinks is very common, and our guys have more to offer than that. 

Seeing these men flaunting their rock-hard abs while serving you with your favourite drink gives keeps you entertained for the rest of the evening. You will love these waiters more when you join them for fun games galore. If you want something raunchier you could consider male stripper hire.

Witness your guests’ thrilled reactions, and watch them drawn to these men. A shift from the hushed gathering to a lively atmosphere is not unusual especially when our hot guys display their physique and talent all for the love of serving you.

As a host, there are a lot of tasks that need to be done. Even a multi-tasker cannot accomplish them altogether. That is why you need assistants, and our topless waiters are capable assistants who would do everything at your beck and call.

Get these men to join you in your photo sessions. Take advantage of their gorgeous appearances and shoot at every angle. Don’t be shy, get those cameras clicking and take those shots as many as you can. Nothing could be more attractive than a picture with our guys’ smiles and photo-perfect looks.

As topless waiters, you will be impressed at the way they handle their tasks. What you ask of them may be simple, but it takes a lot of skills to pull off their job. Our men are charming, sociable, and nice workers. They will not hesitate to provide what you ask of them.


With their impressive looks, these men are an added attraction to your get-together.

Aside from meeting friends and having a good time, guests are always excited to see what is on the menu. After all, what is a celebration without food and drinks? As you see our men coming to you with food and beverage, your appetite will certainly be awakened. Both men and food look yummy! 


Our men have other things up their sleeves even though they are shirtless. Try their bartending skills! See them mix your favorite drink right before your very eyes! They can even have your beverage done just the way you like it – share your secret recipe and let them make it for you.

Time is running out and you still have not put the finishing touches on your venue. Never fear, our guys will lend a helping hand. They will help you set up the place in no time. Instruct and leave the rest to these helpful hunks.


Let’s face it, as the host, you cannot deal with all your guests. To make it easy for you, assign our men the task of welcoming them. With their charm and pleasant personality, your guests will feel at home and ease – greeting and chatting with the guys as if they have been friends for a long time! 

Your night will be made alive with parlour games that you and your guests can play. Your choice of games or something that our topless barmen has prepared – it’s up to you. Get ready with the props and prizes and you’re ready to have fun. Let our men lead the games so you may join, too. Expect lots of laughter as you try to outwit everyone and get the loot!

After the fun comes the unexciting part of clearing up the cluttered and messy hens party place. You may have helpers to do it for you, our men will also be there if needed. 


Everything is now planned and all you can think about is how to make your party interesting and memorable. Your lady-friends will look forward to this celebration once they find out that attractive shirtless men will grace the occasion! Do not hesitate now and get in touch with our friendly staff for your bookings.

Here’s the deal. Hiring a topless waiter for a minimum of two hours costs $200. Extended time costs an additional $70 an hour. If you have estimated the number of hours you have for the party, more or less you may know the time our men will be of service to you.

Check the headcount of your guests. To ensure the best service, get a waiter for every 15 guests on your list. Do not let your other guests feel out of place, instead treat them to an unbelievably exciting event.


The host and the topless waiter Melbourne should have a clear understanding of what is supposed to happen at the party. That is why as the host, you should instruct our waiter on what he should do, aside from the usual tasks assigned to him. 

Tip #1. Inform our guy beforehand if there is a theme for your party, that way he can prepare for his costume which is in sync with the theme. Otherwise, he will show up as attractive as he is – bare-chested with a bow tie as an accent to his athletic physique. If requested, he can also prepare the games and the props needed. You just need to inform him and you can consider it done.

Tip #2. Being a busy host, you have a lot of things on your mind that you might miss something important for the party. Share your ideas with our guy who would be more than willing to assist you, whether it be welcoming important people, preparation for the program, or other matters that you think he can do for you.  



Sonya Gibson

I came here for my hens night last night and the show did not disappoint! The performers and topless waiters are all so lovely and you definitely get a good show. If you’re wondering whether you should book this for your hens, do it! I can guarantee you will not regret it!

Jenny Hocking

Such an amazing experience on stage from the guys! Their performance was one of the best I have seen. Worth the money ladies they’re ALL eye candy!

Mandy Furley

These men are not only gorgeous and have some mouth watering dance moves. They go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time. So if you’re looking for a great show, a bunch of laughs, and amazing memories, then this is definitely the show for you. I will be definitely recommending chesty, adult entertainment to other friends about male strippers from your site.