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Male Strippers and Topless Waiters in Brunswick

Enjoy the best party with private male strippers in Brunswick!

How to plan the best hen’s night for your girlfriend? Get the planning started and we will take care of the entertainment. Men in Action love being part of your celebrations in Brunswick. We’re up for some major actions you have never known. Let’s make the party of a lifetime with our beautiful and bronzed male strippers and topless waiters. 

Book the best male strippers in Brunswick

Make your celebrations extra by hiring the finest male strippers in Brunswick. Men in Action is your men in a uniform fantasy come true – and more! Together, we will make a night out you won’t forget. Because top-notch entertainment is meant to be remembered, forever! PRIVATE STRIP SHOW COST: $250 
Type of costume:
Type of show:
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Tyreese sexy male stripper in Brunswick
Nathan hunky policeman male stripper in Brunswick
Carlos charming male strippers in Brunswick
Nick good-looking cop male stripper in Brunswick wearing black coat
Ash the alluring male stripper fireman costume in Brunswick
Ash Summers
Nikko charming male strippers in Brunswick
Jesse cowboy Male strippers in Brunswick
Logan sensual male strippers in Brunswick
Ceasar chiseled male strippers in Brunswick
Francesco rider Male strippers in Brunswick in black jacket
Jay Lam Tattooed male strippers in Brunswick
Jay Lam
Marco hot cowboy male strippers in Brunswick wearing red cap
Mitch policeman male strippers in Werribee n wearing black body protection
Mitch A
Angelo charming male strippers in Brunswick standing

Hire topless waiters in Brunswick

Get up close and personal with the sexiest topless waiters in Brunswick and watch these chiselled men peel their costumes off. Let our topless waiters be a part of making your events extraordinary, not only you will have an unforgettable sensual experience, but so will your friends! This is not an everyday occurrence, so take advantage of the shock value!

George sexy topless waiters in Brunswick
harry hunky topless waiters in Brunswick
Chris sporty topless waiters in Brunswick
Chris M
Bass cute barman topless waiters wearing sunglasses in Brunswick
A muscular tattoo topless waiters Brunswick
Aaron sexy topless waiters standing holding a black coat in Brunswick
Sean Sexy Stripper Brunswick
Sean W
Robin sexy dancer topless waiters in Brunswick
Ivan charming casual Topless waiters in blue shirt Brunswick
Ben erotic dancing topless waiters in Brunswick
Orlando handsome topless waiters in Brunswick
Daniel cocky dancing topless waiters in Brunswick
Joaquin attractive latino looking topless waiters in Brunswick
Leo sculpted topless waiters in Brunswick
Marco studly dancing topless waiters in Brunswick
Marco M
Axel mighty valiant topless waiters in Brunswick

Organize the best hens night & birthday parties in Brunswick

Create your night where nothing is off-limits. Experience being danced on, and pleased by striking men one night (or more!) of your life. Celebrate special occasions with eye candies and a top-notch entertainment. You deserve to be pampered and be treated like a queen. Men in Action is at your service, Milady.



Includes a 4-hour private booth area for your group + $500 bar tab for drinks and cocktails, 1 strip show, 1 topless waiter and a glass of champagne on arrival. 


Let your hair down and enjoy a sinful night you won’t forget!

To make a reservation, or if you have any questions please give us a call or use the form below.

Enquire now 1300 233 033



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