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Male strippers and topless waiters that come to you. Perfect for at home hens/birthday party and super easy to organise.

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Male Revue Show

Live stage show that runs every saturday 6pm - 9:30pm. Come and see the guys take it off live on stage. starting from $35pp general entry

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VIP lounge package

4 hour private booth area for your group + $500 bar tab for drinks and cocktails , 1 strip show, 1 topless waiter and a glass of champagne on arrival. $95 per person minimum 15 guests

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Male Strippers Melbourne For Hire


Are you planning for Male strippers in Melbourne and need entertainment to come to you? Give us a Call!

Make it a perfect ladies night out with Male Strippers!

Whether you’re planning for a birthday party or you’re in charge of arranging a Hens Night you need to consider hiring some male strippers. What party or Hens Night Do is complete without male strippers? The look on your friend’s face when she’s confronted with a semi-naked man will be priceless, and something you can remember for the rest of your lives. Check out our guys here


Organising a party is never easy (regular or Hen Do).

* Food – how many people will be coming? Will there be any vegetarians? Do you have to provide a place to eat or will you be doing everything yourself? Are people allergic to anything? All of these questions (and more) need to be answered for the night to start well.
* Pre-going out – where will you be before the night really kicks off? At your house or someone else’s? Perhaps you will be visiting a few small bars before you go to the place you’ve either booked or chosen?
* As mentioned above; will you be booking somewhere or will you be simply visiting a few places? If there will be quite a lot of you then you should seriously consider booking a private room.

Choosing the right Male Strippers

It’s all well and good deciding that you want to hire male strippers for your party or event, but that’s not the end of it! You need to decide what type you want, and how much you can afford,Contact us for more details.

For an evening of pleasure that your lady friends (or even male) will never forget then you need to find a website that provides top quality male strippers at an affordable price. There are even some websites that will provide specific venues that you can Contact us,visit and buy tickets for, thus taking away the stress of any organising for your night out! All you need to do is search online for the pleasure nights, buy your tickets and attend!

As with everything you buy online, ensure you check out the company you’re going to be dealing with so that you know you’re getting value for money.

Each has his or her own fantasies that give a feeling of joy, ecstasy and satisfaction, or being on cloud nine. These fantasies also fulfill our bodily desires which is clear to male strippers in Melbourne so they do their best to realize our longings. They have a way of taking your mind off all kinds of worries. They take you to different places where you can experience wonderful things.

Through a male revue in Melbourne, ladies turn into nymphs as macho strippers take the stage to reel in their hearts and minds. Stylish, sexy and inviting to the senses are these brawny handsome men who frequent a bachelorette party to spice up the event. They will do everything to please you and, not only that, they are willing to wait ‘til you’re ready for unstoppable fun.

Practically all of us have a very busy lifestyle and many times have we raked in money for the firms which we work for, so it’s not wrong to take a moment out to engage in a fun-filled night with male strippers. They can plant the most passionate kisses before taking you through a wild ride. Elate in their luscious smooth skin as you grope their bodies packed with muscles in the right places. Experience the male strippers  that take your sexual fantasies to a new dimension you will surely love.

As they scoop you into their arms, watch your fantasies turn into reality in an instant! Like a goddess in Greek mythology, you can control these lusty men who are more than willing to coat the night he spends with you in passion and thrill that could result in sleepless nights.

Beware of the pleasure they give for you might constantly seek their company.

Tips For Selecting a Male stripper in Melbourne.

Thankfully in todays society, hiring male strippers is not the taboo it once was. Women can hire male strippers for any occasion they desire, ranging from girly nights in, birthdays and of course hen parties. Lets focus on getting male strippers for a bride to be at a hens, however the same tips apply for any party where you want to make it even more memorable. If your hen is abit shy we have some topless waiters that are abit tamer, perfect for serving drinks and food. Check the topless waiters here

Firstly and most importantly, make sure the bride would be comfortable with a hunky stranger dancing for her pleasure, after all embarrassing or making her awkward on her night would not go down well. However most brides would be grateful to have one last naughty night of fun before married life takes over.

Once the bride has okayed a stripper, or the decision has been taken on her behalf by her friends, then it is time to get planning. Ensure only close friends are with her for the male deluxe strip show, the last thing she would want is distant acquaintances or grand mothers dampening the fun or killing the buzz. Everyone will have more fun if everyone is having a good time, including the male strippers, so you find you get a lot more than you bargained for.Contact us for more details.

The fun really starts when deciding what you want from the male strippers, or more importantly what the bride would want. This should be a job for very close friends who know her very well, since it should be one last chance for the brides wildest fantasies to come true. Things to think about are what type of guy is most desirable, and what uniform they take off. The usual options include sailor, fireman, policeman and plumber, with more exotic get-ups including Tarzan, Superman and James Bond.

Research is key since you dont want to be scammed, or disappointed with a sub standard male strippers that is more of a turn off than a turn on. Shop around and only go with reputable companies that have been in the business a number of years. Ask to see the male strippers first and you decide, dont let the agency push one on you. Additionally make sure you and your girls know the rules, some agencies do not allow photography or cameras, so make sure you know what you can and cant do.

Dont forget to ask about minor details beforehand, primarily if the male strippers will get completely naked, ensure they will provide their own uniform and sound system and remember to make sure they know exactly how to find the party.Contact us for more details.

So come on ladies, have a saucy night of fun and frolics that you wont forget in a hurry and send the lucky bride off in style. Having a male strippers will certainly set any hens party off to a great start, whats more is that its in the comfort of your own home, drinks are a lot cheaper and the men come to you. Indulge the brides wildest dreams, with a extraordinary night that is fantastically pleasurably and thoroughly enjoyable and by all. Go get em girls!

Why Men in Action?

Men in Action is proud to belong to a group of national booking agencies which give you the best in service to help with your hens party in Melbourne and Victoria. Get your male strippers in Melbourne and  topless male waiters for all occasions including hens night parties in Melbourne.Contact us for more details

We are the most professional for all your requirements including 60th and 70thbirthdays to 21st‘s and hens party in Melbourne.  For the ladies the male strippers in Melbourne will make you sizzle with delight and you will be coming back for more!

Male strippers in Melbourne can strip in many costumes depending on your heart’s desire.  All male strippers in Melbourne from Victoria strippers are professional performers and make Melbourne male strippers at the top or striptease.Contact us for more detail

Get the male strippers to give you and your function a male deluxe strip show to remember and compliment this male topless waiters

Tantalise your taste buds and have you and your friends or guests remembering your night from always booking your male strippers in Melbourne from Victoria Strippers and get your male deluxe strip show from the best.

Male Stripper Testimonials

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Review, Jenny T, Hocking, 23 May 2019 
Jason Topless
I would like to provide some feedback from the hens party on Saturday.
Jason was fabulous, the bride, the bride’s mum and aunties and the party were all very impressed.
We will be definitely recommending chesty,adult entertainment to other friends about male strippers from your site.


Review – Hayley R, Myaree, 2 May 2019
“Rob was fantastic, a complete Gentleman and he exceeded expectations! Honestly he was great, he is such a lovely, lovely guy and he went above and beyond the call of duty. He answered the door and greeted the girls with a glass of bubbly, helped to cook food, served food and was always there to top up a glass and was always asking if there was anything else he could do and telling me to sit down and enjoy my hens night.
He made everyone feel very comfortable and at ease with having a topless man walking about which is so important. Everyone sang his praises and I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of hiring a waiter or male strippers for a hens night. The service itself was completely hassle free and such good value for money.”

 Laura A, Dianella, 18 April 2019

“The night was great! the topless waiters were perfect. I didn’t have to worry about the drinks and they both were very helpful serving the food.
Peter was very entertaining and the times worked really well with the night!
Thanks so much for all your help getting them organised for me, also at short notice.
Thanks again.”

Carla A, Redcliffe, 18 April 2019
It was a great night! Rob was very good, he got some great photos and was very nice, not sleazy at all like some other waiters! hahah the bride to be gave him 2 thumbs up for hens night! hahaha
Thank you.

Melissa, Marmion, 21 March 2019
Chad was amazing. Can highly recommend him. He was so welcoming, happy & involved in the day, all the girls were stoked.
Thank you so much

Sascha, Melbourne, 21 March 2019
Rob was a total gem!! He was extremely professional and went above and beyond to serve us girls!!
He is a gentleman!! Very happy and all the girls loved him! Tell him thank you so much!

Jessica D, Heathridge, 7 March 2019
Rooks did a fantastic job.
Thanks again. We were really happy!


Melinda O, East Melbourne, 28 Feb 2020
Last night was really good. Everyone had a great time. Rob was really good everyone always had a full glass and he even participated in some of our games. This is the second time we have had Rob at a hens night and we would highly recommend him

Michelle D, Waikiki., 21Feb 2020
Jack and Rob were fantastic! Everybody was so impressed with their level of service. They greeted everyone that came through the doors and were extremely professional in everything that they did. I will definitely be recommending chesty, adult entertainment to my friends.


Belinda L, 6 Dec 2019
Jack was great and did a fab job entertaining everyone. It wasn’t your typical rowdy hens as there was family/elders there. He did a great job at adult entertainment and even helped clean up

 29 Nov 2019
The night went really well, the boys were lots of fun! Thanks for all your help 🙂

Chrissie S, 4 Oct 2019

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you, Rob and Jack for a fantastic night on Saturday.

Rob and jack were both fantastic! They were super polite and very easy for us ladies of all ages to talk to and get along with.

They made sure that the drinks were topped up, people were fed and that there were plenty of clean glasses available for our guests. They joined in all our games and made sure that everyone had some photos in our make-shift photo booth.

Nikki, you were so helpful will all of our questions and making our booking. We would highly recommend you to all of our friends