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Make it a perfect ladies night out with Male Strippers!

Whether you’re planning for a birthday party or you’re in charge of arranging a Hens Night you need to consider hiring some male strippers. What party or Hens Night Do is complete without male strippers? The look on your friend’s face when she’s confronted with a semi-naked man will be priceless, and something you can remember for the rest of your lives.

Male Strippers Melbourne For Hire

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Our Testimonials

Sonya Gibson

I came here for my hens night last night and the show did not disappoint! The performers and topless waiters are all so lovely and you definitely get a good show. If you’re wondering whether you should book this for your hens, do it! I can guarantee you will not regret it!

Jenny Hocking

Such an amazing experience on stage from the guys! Their performance was one of the best I have seen. Worth the money ladies they’re ALL eye candy!

Mandy Furley

These men are not only gorgeous and have some mouth watering dance moves. They go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time. So if you’re looking for a great show, a bunch of laughs, and amazing memories, then this is definitely the show for you. I will be definitely recommending chesty, adult entertainment to other friends about male strippers from your site.

For your hens party to be perfect, you want the perfect activities for you and your hens. The perfect choice of strippers keeps growing and you can now book your male stripper with a much wider range of costumes. There’s still the policemen along with other men in uniform, but you can also choose to have your very own Christian Grey or your sexy guy in evening wear.

Whatever he wears, your stripper guy will perform his routine with all the flirty fun you can handle – and he’ll need a little help here and there! Prepare to get up close and personal as your stripper will encourage you to get involved and be a part of his cheeky and sexy performance.

A stripper should be totally confident and comfortable in the crowd. This is because the stripper shall mostly be working while naked, and in front of many audience. The bride wants to have some fun and sexiness at the hens party, and so do her friends. Therefore, the stripper she hires has to be somebody who is able to work without any clothes and take great pleasure in his physical appearance.

The perfect male strippers know how to dance and entertain. This is a very important quality because he shall be asked to dance at the hens party. He might be allowed to choose his own style and music. Alternatively, he might have to dance to the tune of the music that the bride or any of her friends selects for him. The male stripper has to develop various dancing routines that match different types of music.

Male stripping is all about entertainment. The main goal of the stripper is to entertain the bride and her friends at the hens party. A good stripper enjoys what he is doing. His excitement is transferred to the bride and her friends at the hens party.

Currently, hiring male strippers is not the taboo it once was. Ladies can hire perfect male strippers for any occasion they desire, ranging from ladies night, birthdays and of course hen parties. Let’s focus on getting male strippers for a bride to be at a hens, however the same tips apply for any party where you want to make it even more unforgettable. A male stripper for your hen party is like a stick of rock at the seaside, the two go hand in hand, but today’s hens want more and that’s no different when it comes to strippers.

Importantly, you need make sure the bride would be comfortable with a cheeky stranger dancing for her pleasure. After all embarrassing or making her awkward on her night would not go down well. However, most brides would be grateful to have one last naughty night of fun before married life takes over.

Search for a physically fit and charming guy! He has to be somebody who works out regularly and is in great physical shape. No stripping agency would hire a male stripper who is not in excellent physical shape. This is because the girls shall want the stripper to undress and show off his well toned body at the party.

Lastly, you can book your hen party on to a male stripper show. Male strip shows are held at various locations and you can find one that’s right for you. This is a more sophisticated experience and you can combine it with a meal and a drink for a fun night out. You and your guests can sit back and enjoy the performance as your hot stripper troupe entertains you with their sexy routines and eye popping striptease.

Research is key since you don’t want to be scammed, or disappointed with a sub standard male strippers that is more of a turn off than a turn on. Shop around and only go with reputable companies that have been in the business a number of years. Ask to see the male strippers first and you decide. Don’t let the agency push one on you. Additionally make sure you and your girls know the rules, some agencies do not allow photography or cameras, so make sure you know what you can and cant do.

Men in Action is far from your cheesy, stereotypical male strippers Melbourne. Our boys have combined the old with the new to create an unforgettable line-up that will leave you begging for more. Our male strippers performance showcases classic themes such as scorching hot firemen and raunchy cowboys and combines these with contemporary choreography that really works up a sweat. From aerial skills to dreamy voice and pole dancing, the list of talent is endless. To find out more about each of our gorgeous boys!

You’ll be greeted by our compere who will make sure you get settled in with a great view for the evening’s delights, and there will be a bar all night for you to celebrate with a few cocktails or a bottle of fizz. We make sure each and every one of you is treated like a queen when you come to Men in Action, and our male strippers in Melbourne welcome hens and birthday girls to celebrate with them every Saturday night. We promise a jam-packed after party with cheap drinks and the best party anthems, disco, pop and cheese to dance the night away into the early hours.

Men in Action has broken the boundaries on male strippers in Melbourne and has created a fun-filled ladies night that allows you let go of your inhibitions for a night of flirty entertainment that you won’t be disappointed in. Many of the girls who have seen our male strippers Melbourne show come back for more. Check out our reviews, or better yet, come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

You are sure to have a fun-filled night in our male strip club. From the pleasant atmosphere to everything that you see, these all add up to an incredible experience that you will definitely cherish. Here are some things that you can expect from our strip club:

  •         Great performances on an awesome stage setup. Our strip club boasts of great lighting setup and terrific sound effects for a totally excellent show. The visuals and sounds make an attractive place to perform.
  •         Our male strip club is the home of good-looking and talented strippers. No doubt about it, our hunks are handsome, charming, and professional performers. Their dancing skills are awesome and extraordinary.
  •         We have much more to offer than the strip shows. In this place you can mingle and socialize with other people. Topless waiters and bartenders are friendly and accommodating.
  •         People from the male strip club are customer-oriented. They aim to provide you with excellent service to make you feel at ease with our place. Our friendly and accommodating staff are always approachable.
  •         All genders are welcome. Whether you are male or female, you will have a great time with these great performances guaranteed to keep you entertained.

With these things in mind, you now have a feel of what to see in a male strip club. The best thing to do is to visit us now for the real experience that you will really love.

Why Do You Need To Go?

Your friends have been talking about it and your interest is building up. Hearing those stories about good-looking men and their superb performances makes you all the more excited. So, plan your visit to end your curiosity. 

Ladies who have been to a male strip club know a lot better. A night of great adult entertainment is a surefire way to energize, remove the stresses of the week, or simply have fun bonding with friends. These are are some of the reasons why they keep coming back for more.

The girls lining up to experience the live shows are in for a night of intense and unforgettable weekend evening! Just seeing these gorgeous guys making their way to the stage ignites their emotions and makes them anticipate more.

For you to fully understand the wonders and excitement of this performance, leave your worries behind and book for a live show at our male strip club. Come as early as you can and be served with sparkling drinks and hot finger foods to prep you up for the main event to come.

After the wait, you will soon be treated to an experience that gets better every time. The live shows showcase impressive and fabulous dance routines that are perfectly executed by our athletic and attractive men. Prepare to lose yourself in these fantastic performances that will surely take your breath away. Feast your eyes on these good-looking men with impeccable talents, they surely will satisfy your craving for a fun-filled and steamy Saturday night!

The After-Party Event

When you cannot get over the exhilaration and thrill of the live show, here comes the after-party. Continue the celebrations in high spirits as you dance and enjoy the night away inside the strip club. From the venue of a live show fully transformed to an amazing dance floor  for the after-party, we have everything set up for you. All you got to do is let loose and savour the fun. 

Male Strip Show Etiquette

Just a few reminders when going to a male strip club, and it won’t hurt to know and follow them, right? Check them out:

  1. Dress properly. There are clubs that have dress codes, and you should obey unless you don’t want to enter the place. If there are no strict rules, just go with dressing up comfortably but appropriately, too. 
  2. Don’t forget to check your booking details. This will tell you where you should be seated, what are you going to get with your tickets, and other inclusions. Make sure to get the best out of your bookings so you can enjoy your strip club experience.
  3. The male strip club has a set of rules that are to be complied with. These may not be exactly the same as with the other clubs, but they mean mostly the same thing, and they are intended to make your visit pleasant and trouble-free. It won’t hurt to follow these rules.
  4. Show courtesy. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, with respect. Avoid rude words and acts, for they will also be the cause of your embarrassment. Be nice and friendly.
  5. Just because alcohol is allowed does not mean you are going to drink all you can. Go easy with liquor. Remember that once you become drunk, you may act and say things that you may regret later. Control your alcohol intake so that you may enjoy your evening well.
  6. Respect the performer’s privacy. Strippers are private persons, too, and they want to live a normal life, too. It is just their job to perform for you, so do not assume that there is more to come aside from their dance acts. You are not allowed to take photos or videos of the strip shows. Doing so is a big no, and you may end up being escorted out of the strip club. Do not also try to touch the stripper’s body where it is not allowed. Control your excitement and be kind enough to ask permission before doing anything.
  7. It is perfectly fine to give tips to strippers. They work to earn a living, and just like professional workers, they have high standards set on their performances. Why not appreciate their hard work by giving tips. It would surely boost their mood and would definitely inspire them to improve more.
  8. Have fun the right way. Cheer, clap, laugh, drink and just enjoy the night. Unwind at the perfect weekend escape in a male strip club. 
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