If you have never booked a Male stripper before then please read some of our common rules.

  • We request that you to have the money organised and to pay the performer before his show.
  • Our guys will also need a room or bathroom to get changed in. (Also be sure to remove all valuables from the room to avoid any complications. Our guys are all trustworthy lads but this action would prevent any doubt if something cannot be found.)
  • Please ask the strippers if it is ok to take photos during his show, as to some male strippers have day jobs that don’t allow photos.
  • -Keep the party area clear of hazards such as: tables, rugs, broken glass, Or spillages, the bigger and more area for the strippers to work the more enjoyable the show will be.
  • For mixed crowds, please inform the guys to either wait outside until show is over, or if they want to watch, they are not to heckle. If any threats or comments are to be made, the show will stop! The safety of our guys is very important when it comes to a mixed crowd so please do your best to have a safe party environment.
  • This goes for girls too: No scratching, no biting, no hitting, drink throwing or abusive language towards male strippers, or the show will be over!
  • But the main RULE is: HAVE FUN!!