Male strippers Melbourne FAQ

Q. How will we know when the stripper is at the function?

A) Your male stripper will contact you via text or call when he arrives. For bookings at hotels or private function rooms, it is best to meet the guys at reception or out front.

Q. Do the guys do mixed crowds of boys and girls?

A) Yes, most of our guys will do mixed events. For mixed events, the guys will only do g-string and an additional $30 will be added.

Q. How do I book?

A) Telephone or email us.

The more information the better:

• At least 3 guys that you would like

• Dates/times/location and the type of party

• Mixed or just girls.

• Phone number

• Whether you want nude or G string

Q The difference b/w Nude and G string?

A) The main difference b/w nude and g string is whether the boys will get down to nothing or leave on their g string. In most cases, the male strippers will just flash the hen. Always have a chat with the boys when they arrive. If your hen is shy, let the guys know and they will take it easy on her. If she is ready to go crazy and enjoy her last night of freedom then again let the boys know. They will make it as raunchy as it needs to be. All our guys have experience and can read the emotions of the girls quite well. So in the case of when they want more, they can always make it a bit more raunchy and in the case that the girls are a little in shock he can take it easy.

Q. Do we have our own venue?

A) We are aligned with a few venues in Melbourne so we can organise a private function room for you if you need one.

Q. What do I need to pre-organise?

A) The MIA boys will have all the necessary gear to like music, music player outfits, props etc. ON YOUR PART, IT WOULD HELP TREMENDOUSLY if you could organise:

• To have your phone on you to receive calls from the guys.

• To be ready to go when the male stripper arrives.

• To have the money upfront

• A room or bathroom to get changed

• To MAKE THE ROOM HAZARD FREE and make some room for the show

• To organise the hen/birthday girls to be sitting in the middle of the room

Q. Do our guys have up to date photos and do the guys still look the same?

A) All the picture of our guys gets updated every 12 to 24 months, so you would indeed get the guys as they look now. We only use the best guys in Melbourne and steer clear of the guys that have let themselves go. So you will only see washboard abs. Be aware haircuts do change so they won’t always look identical to their pics.

Q. Do I require a deposit?

A) Yes we get you to:

Direct Deposit via bank transfer.

Then the remainder to be paid in cash to the male stripper.

Q. How long do the shows go for? 

A) Depending on the type of show that is requested but most guys would do a:

• 12-15 min G-String and Nude Show.

• It is about a 30-minute turnaround, from the time they get in getting changed to do the show and take pics at the end.

Q. Do the boys come to you in rural and outer suburbs of Melbourne?

A) Yes, we can travel from Melbourne and to country Victoria, however, a travel surcharge will apply for areas outside 20km of Melbourne CBD. As a rule of thumb, most guys will only travel early in the afternoon or late at night on a Saturday night.

Between 7-10 is the busiest time in the city and therefore the boys will not take country and back beach jobs b/w 7:00 and 10:00

Q. Can we take pics during the show? 

A) Every male stripper is different so always ask first.